Суитшърт без ръкави Springfield S/L Zipped Hoodie – Army Green

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Цена: 79.90лв.

Спестяваш: 19.90лв. (20%)

Цвят: Зелен
Състав: 80% памук, 20% полиестер

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Make a statement in the gym and show of your hard earned gains with our Gorilla Wear Sleeveless Hoodie. This Gorilla Wear Sleeveless Hoodie is designed with zip-front & front pockets. This sleeveless streamlined design allows for optimal mobility and gives the user the right amount of coverage. In addition, it is designed with high-quality fabrics, this provides the user with optimal design, comfort, and quality. It’s time to show of your Springflied hoodie, now availlable in the color Black & Army Green.

About Gorilla Wear
Since the 80’s Gorilla Wear is a legendary American worldwide bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle brand “for the motivated”. Every style of apparel is designed for motivated and demanding athletes everywhere in the World. It is unique, it will fit, it will not break down and it will give you the authentic and individual look your body deserves!

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