Памучни шорти Pixley Sweatshorts – Black

Цена: 57.80лв.

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Color: Black
Quality: 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester

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✅Slim fit

✅Available in 2 essential colors

✅Slim fit

✅Extended waistband

✅Perfect length to keep you essential parts covered

✅Stylish drawcords

✅GW Signature subtle branding

✅The perfect blend of durable cotton and polyester materials

We designed the complete Pixley collection with a perfect blend of durable cotton and polyester materials. We added the GW Signature Collection logo to every item out of the Pixley range so you can come in style on your casual occasions (and is also pretty useful to warm-up for your workouts. This hoodie comes with a cropped length and a slim fit.

Prefer to wear your crop top as a more boxy fit? Order one size up and you won’t be disappointed.

Style tip: combine the Pixley Crop Top Hoodie with a high waisted bottom like the Yava Seamless Legging, Pixley SweatShorts or Pixley Sweatpants. Did you know that the complete Pixley set exists out of 4 matchable items? Check out the complete Gorilla Wear Signature Collection shop for the complete look.

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