Боксови ръкавици Montello Boxing Gloves – Black

Цена: 119.80лв.

Цвят: черен карбон
Състав: 80% PU (външен слой), 80% PU/PVC инжекционно формована пяна (пълнеж), 20% пълнеж от EVA пяна (в областта на дланта и маншета), 12% полиестер (подплата), 5% найлон (велкро), 3% PU (обкантване)

Размерът (унции) зависи от много фактори, затова се посъветвай с треньора си, ако не знаеш кой размер е подходящ за теб. Ние сме представили препоръчителна таблица според килограмите на трениращия.


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The Gorilla Wear Montello Boxing Gloves stand for rapid fighting power and style. These gloves are ideal for fighters who are seeking for gloves to step up their fighting game and improve their skills. Designed for beginners but also for skilled fighters. The carbon fighting range is developed in strong collaboration with ex-bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt. Due to the Anti-Perspiration Holes and the Specific Mesh Panel placed in the palm of the glove your hand will be protected from overheating. The Anatomically Curved gloves help you by hitting every punch with good punching power and comfort for your hands. The Full Attached Thumb minimizes the risk of twisting your thumb, also due to the Improved Velcro Closure you are ensured with maximum wrist support. Due to the Water-Resistant Leather on top of the gloves, they will not get soaked or get wet by sweat or other liquids. The IMF Foam provides the Montello Boxing Gloves with enhanced shock absorption and long-lasting hand protection.

✔️PU Leather Construction for great durability and performance

✔️Enhanced shock absorption due to Multilayered IMF Foam

✔️Reinforced Palm which increases safety

✔️Attached Thumb for improved protection

✔️Mesh on Palm for sweat regulation

✔️Carbon Look

✔️Durable Velcro Strap to lock your wrist

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