Ластични бинтове за крака Knee Wraps – Black – 200/250cm

Цена: 55.80лв.59.80лв.

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GW art.no. 9911190909, 9911290909

Цвят: черен
Състав: 70% еластан, 30% полиестер

Детайли: предлагат се в размер 200 и 250 см дължина; велкро закопчаване; гумирани детайли; осигуряват допълнителна сила и стабилност на краката, без да се разместват.

  • 200cm
  • 250cm


  • 2 or 2.5 Meters in length
  • Provide more strength and stability
  • Velcro Closure
  • Stays in place during movements
  • One Size Fits All

Are you looking for good support for your knees during intensive training? Look no further, the Knee Wraps from Gorilla Wear are the perfect solution! These wraps can be used in all kinds of sports and exercises that involve a lot of force such as squats. The Knee Wraps provide more strength and stability. Thanks to the energy generated by the wrap pressure, you can lift more weight and improve your technique. They feature a Velcro closure so you can decide how tight you wear them and they will fit any knee. The supportive wrap stays in place during movements. The Knee Wraps are 8 centimeters wide and with a length of 200 or 250 centimeters, you can wrap these wraps around your leg several times and optimally support your position.

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