Шапка Darlington Cap – Black

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Get that rough and tough go-getter look with the Darlington cap. Wear it during your next workout and anytime in between your workouts. Flip it backward and crush your workout as never before. The Darlington Cap is available in the essential colors Black and Army Green that surely will match with anything you are planning to wear today!

Official Gorilla Wear Cap Sticker
Adjustable Metal Clasp to Back
Slightly Pre Curved Visor
Front Embroidered Logo

It’s time to show the people that you are a member of the GORILLA WEAR Family.

About Gorilla Wear
Since the 80’s Gorilla Wear is a legendary American worldwide bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle brand “for the motivated”. Every style of apparel is designed for motivated and demanding athletes everywhere in the World. It is unique, it will fit, it will not break down and it will give you the authentic and individual look your body deserves!

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