Спортно горнище Cleveland Track Jacket – Gray

Цена: 99.80лв.

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Color: Gray
Quality: 72% polyester + 28% spandex
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✅Slim fit

✅Lightweight and flexible fabric


✅Quick-dry technology

✅Outdoor & workout

There will always be typical items you will only find at Gorilla Wear. This polyester tracksuit for women is one of those items you wouldn’t easily find anywhere else. Made from 72% high quality, durable polyester, this tracksuit is your new partner in crime when heading to the gym. It ensures complete freedom of movement due to its stretch and flexibility (28% Spandex), while it helps you to keep your body covered. Mix and match up both Cleveland Jacket as well as the Pants. By the way, you can both match the top and bottom in the same color as well as matching black bottom/top with gray bottom/top. For example, match a black Track Pants with a gray Track Jacket or the other way around.

The jacket comes with an extra piece of fabric that you can bend over the top of the zipper ends, so you do no longer have to worry about an irritated throat while working out. Two zippers on both sides to store your smartphone and any other important stuff. Stretchy and flexible fit for an all-day comfortable feeling. Ready to make Cleveland your new favorite piece of activewear?

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XS, S, M, L


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